Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mercy Ships' Dental Team goes to the prison

Last week the team of dentists, hygienist, sterilizers, dental assistants, counselors and Togolese translators entered the prison here in Lome to minister dental care to the prisoners.

This was coordinated by Prison Fellowship. These dedicated local men and women visit the prisoners regularly, holding church services and Bible studies, offering vocational training and helping construct work spaces for the overcrowded prisoners. Here you can see their work spaces which they gave to our team to use. Comfort Yeboah, a long-term crew member from Ghana, can be seen teaching about dental health care with a local translator. You can see the attractively finished shirts in the tailor training room hanging on the wall behind the waiting prisoners. They can learn weaving, tailoring, making plastic baskets, and other work that sells well on the streets of the city.

I have had the opportunity to visit this prison with Prison Fellowship. What wonderful appointments the Lord gives us to refresh others!

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